Live with Ray Burris and Heidi von Liebenstein Feb 24 2017

Beyond Score is Going Live Again
with Ray Burris and Heidi von Liebenstein

Learn some of the skills that Ray knew that helped him get into becoming a professional baseball player.  What are some of the things that he thinks that have kept him still in the industry within  Major League Baseball.

Have your questions ready to either enter in the chat box.  IF you have a head set, mic and a camera, we can try to bring you live to ask your questions.

We can not promise we will get to everyone within the hour of our time.

Tickets are limited.  So get yours now.


How often do you get to have a live conversation with a professional within the Baseball industry?  Join us now.  See you there.


Beyond Score Hosted by Ray Burris and Heidi von Liebenstein

Join us for a webinar on Feb 24, 2017 at 8:00 PM EST.

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You won’t want to miss a delightful time with Ray (and Heidi). Ray will talk about some of the things that he did not need to know when he became a professional player. They will also talk about what Beyond Score is and how it is Beyond the Fame and Game.

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