Join Us Friday Feb 24th 2017

Ray Burris and Heidi von Liebenstein
Will be Hosting a Webinar You WILL NOT Want to Miss.


We received some emails and messages about how some people were upset they were not able to attend the last webinar, so we are pleased to announce the next one.

So who will be there?   And if you miss this, what will you miss?

Who’s Ray?

One of the great pitchers of Baseball.

2017, He is still employed by the Phillies as their Rehab Pitching Coach.  He makes celebrity appearances to many functions throughout each year.  He has private coaching sessions.  He has was part of the Chicago Cubs Fantasy Camp.   Soon he will be busy with Spring Training.  He entered pro-baseball in 1972.

Ray wants to give everyone a delightful experience when they visit Beyond Score.

Who’s Heidi?

She’s not a sports fan, but she has gone to a few games.

She will mess up with Baseball terms and lingo.  When talking with Ray, many times she asks questions about the basics.

She pulls out principles which many situations stem from in life, and tries to promote the good ones.

She brings a fun attitude, and a contagious Giggle that makes you smile.

What’s Beyond Score?

It is Life Beyond Fame and Game.It is an avenue where sport buffs, and the non-sport buffs can enjoy a great time.

Yes there will be conversation which will be sports related. Yet there will be fun place where both individuals can have an amazing fun time together.

Expect to have a delightfully wonderful time as you become part of our team who lives and learns about life Beyond the Fame and Game.


SO why would you want to join us?

It will be fun! (Need a smile?)
It will be informative. (Learn what’s happening that the media does not know.)
It is the beginning

You will be able to spend an hour LIVE with Ray Burris.
(How many people get to have that kind of time with one of the Greats within Baseball?)

You will not need to pay for the dinner to sit and talk with him.
You will not need to pay for a ticket to the game.
but you can get a seat with us.

Space is limited.
So purchase your seat here.

We hope to meet you there!
And if you think you cannot make it, … well …
(well as in the video, Heidi cannot think of anything as a consolation ‘prize’)

So –


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