Order Your Personal Greeting from Pro Athlete

Professional Athletes Call Fans

To wish them Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Get Well and More


Ordering a phone call for yourself or for someone else can make their day and be the right encouragement at the right moment.

Please understand, players try to work calls into their schedules, so we are limited in how many we can schedule especially if during crazy season scheduling requirements.  Thank you for your understanding as we try to connect the fans with players on a personal level.

So here is how it works …
You can order a call which is paid, and if the spot is open, we schedule you for a call, and we will also send out a reminder of a call coming.

Currently these are Special Promotional prices, we cannot guarantee how long they will be available.



Length of time
Pro League – Athlete
Recipient’s Name & Number
Date to Call


Legal statement – Calls and attentive calls will be recorded. If the player reaches the Fan’s voicemail, then they will leave the Fan a voicemail. The player may try to call back later for a live call, but due to their schedules we cannot guarantee it will be possible. The purpose of this is to connect the players with the fans on a more personal level, but we also need to respect the players schedules time limitations. Thank you for your support and understanding in this program.