Smeal Swap Rap – Anthony DeGol & Troy Stanton

Smeal Swap Rap – Anthony DeGol & Troy Stanton
The whole gist of this was to start with something of value and trade it 10 times for something more valuable. Once you trade 10 times, whatever you have at the end you sell for cash and donate 100% of it towards Poverty Resolutions.


BA 411, Smeal swap extra credit
Helpin kids livin better & gettin 2 percentage

Start with a card, trade for a pen
Then some big golf balls, man you know we gonna win

Makin all these trades, tryna make a difference.
Because we don’t really care about them Capsim decisions

They make Smeal students take this class
But my TA grade so hard I don’t know if imma pass

6 hours on a paper, for a 72%
Sent my GPA on a downhill decent

Back to the swappin, to take these kids shoppin
Trading games for a club for all these balls that I be rockin

Poverty resolutions, we makin the solution
Raisin money for the Haitians and the other third world nations

Wrapping it up we got 65 cash
Almost went to the bar and blew it all fast

But then we thought nah we’d be trash,
plus we need the 2% just to pass this class

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