Junior Vikes Golf Tour

Junior Vikes Golf Tour
The Vikes Golf Junior Tour is a not-for-profit group committed to helping youth, regardless of economic or social background reach their potential through the game of golf.

Since 2008 in partnership with the University of Victoria Department of Athletics and Men’s and Women’s Golf teams, we have hosted junior golf tournaments throughout the Victoria area. While the tournaments have a competitive aspect, competition is by no means our main focus. We are committed to mentoring these youngsters in proper golf etiquette, respect for the traditions of the game, sportsmanship, and most of all citizenship.

The Tour is run by Jim Goddard, Cordova Bay’s Director of Golf along with Bob Russell and Kevin Carrigan – all former junior golfers who want to provide young Victorians with the same opportunity to experience this great game that they were fortunate enough to play growing up. The University of Victoria’s Department of Athletics sponsors the “Vikes Award” – an annual award to that individual who best exemplifies the values we try to teach.

Members of both the Men’s and Women’s golf, many of whom are former Vikes Tour members provide volunteer support to the tournaments, particularly the Little Vikes program.

Golfing Opportunities

1. Up to 15 tournaments will be held each year at area courses where established junior golfers will be supervised by volunteers who will provide them with support and instruction in regards to at least the following:
How to move around a golf course as quickly as possible while still enjoying the game.
On course etiquette.
On course golf game management.
The Rules of the Game.

2. “Little Vikes” is a special series of golfing opportunities for youngsters who are new to the game. Before entering they only need to demonstrate an enthusiasm for the game. The purpose of “Little Vikes” is not to teach them how to hit a golf ball but how to “play golf”. New golfers will be provided with entry level participation (maybe just 9 holes or less to begin) where they will be instructed on the basics of being a golfer:
How to keep score
Order of play
Pace of play
Only the basic rules
Participants will be graduated from “Little Vikes” to join the tournaments for established players when they are deemed ready.

For more info visit juniorgolfvictoria.com

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