The 1970 New York Giants – Frosty The Snowman

The 1970 New York Giants – Frosty The Snowman
In 1970, an enterprising producer named Mike Tatich had an idea. He wanted a complete line of Christmas albums sung by every team in professional football. So he struck a deal with the Players Association and travelled to TWENTY-SIX different training camps to record the players sing Christmas songs.

This cut is from the “Sings Holiday Halftime” album of the 1970 New York Giants.

The 26 albums were released in time for Christmas, 1970. In some areas, the LPs sold moderately. In most areas, the LPs sat idle on the shelves. There were accusations it was the same group of singers for all 26 albums. The end result was a disaster. Boxes upon boxes of the albums were shipped back at the end of the holiday season. Tatich once claimed he took nearly half of the unsold albums and dumped them in a New Jersey landfill.

The surviving copies fetch astronomical prices on eBay and other online markets.

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