NFL Week 9 picks: Washington at Patriots

NFL Week 9 picks: Washington at Patriots
Washington Redskins at the New England Patriots.

Washington goes to New England. Are either of you stupid enough to take Washington?

He’s asking me because I tried to make a case for Washington yesterday.

At the New England Patriots?

I’m not going there. I can’t. You can’t bet against the New England Patriots at home.

They are something like 47 – 4 in their last 51 home games.

The New England Patriots are going to beat them. But do they stay within 14 points, Mark Kiszla?

No. The Washington football team if they wanted to do the right thing would do two things: Politically they would get rid of their nickname.

And for the environment, they wouldn’t even get on the plane. They would reduce their carbon footprint and they would just stay home.

You know, a lot of people are saying well the Washington foot.. I almost said that word. The Washington football team has had a bye week. They’ve had two weeks to prepare for New England.

The New England Patriots have had 10 days. They played last Thursday. You don’t bet against the New England Patriots at home. Ever.

Greatest line, Mark, that you missed, I think it was Sal Paolantonio earlier in the week about the Pittsburgh Steelers prepared five months for Tom Brady and they better look at the schedule and hope they are playing them later in the season next year so they can have seven or eight months to prepare for them.

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