Netherlands: Robot football dominated by tech giants China

Netherlands: Robot football dominated by tech giants China
W/S Middle Size League final at RoboCup 2013

M/S Robot receiving ball

W/S Robot scoring goal

W/S Audience cheering

M/S Cheering audience

W/S Robots competing in Middle Size League final

W/S Robots passing ball

C/U Robots jostling for ball

M/S Turtle mascot entertaining crowd

W/S Crowd at Middle Size League final

M/S Robots from team “Water” receiving maintenance

W/S Team “Water” receiving maintenance

W/S Crowd doing the “Mexican wave”


Netherlands: Robot football dominated by tech giants China

The Chinese team “Water” defeated Dutch squad “Tech United”” by a score of 3-2 in extra time to claim the Middle Size League crown at the 2013 RoboCup in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Hundreds of spectators were on hand to watch the team from the Far East’s triumph.

In the Middle Size League, two teams of five autonomous robots compete on a 18 metre by 12 metre indoor football pitch. Each robot is equipped with sensors and an on-board computer to analyse the current game situation and successfully perform manoeuvres like dribbling, passing and shooting. Through wireless communication the robots can establish inter-team cooperation and receive referee commands. No external intervention by humans is allowed, except substitutions. The robots are all about 80 centimetres tall.

“Water” emerged as the top team among 11 total squads in the competition, hailing from six different countries. On their way to victory, they beat teams from Germany, Iran, Japan and Portugal, in addition to the Dutch.

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