Madden 16 Franchise: San Francisco 49ers | BREAKING NEWS | STARTING QB ANNOUNCED!!

Madden 16 Franchise: San Francisco 49ers | BREAKING NEWS | STARTING QB ANNOUNCED!!
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Welcome to #FranchiseNation , the home of potentially the best Madden 16 Franchise Modes on YouTube!!! Madden Franchise mode has always been my bread and butter, dating back as long as I can remember. Since I started doing sports videos back in 2011, I have done both normal Madden Franchise Modes, and Madden Franchise Fantasy Draft Modes. When I conduct my series, I love doing the draft, scouting, free agency and games while providing the most realistic madden franchise experience possible. This is my Madden 16 Franchise Mode featuring the San Francisco 49ers. This Franchise begins with a new owner, Joe Montana who bought the team from the York family because he was unhappy with the direction of the team. While Joe won’t be an extremely hands on owner, he will make his presence known. His first order as owner was for the GM to trade Colin Kaepernick and acquire Bryce Petty. The deal was done: Kap for Petty and the Jets 5th round pick. Petty reminds Joe of himself, and despite the fact that Petty will not be starting in year 1 he felt it was an important move to build for the future, and get away from Kaepernick who was grossly overpaid and in his estimation was not the future of this team. After going 5-11 in the first season, the 49ers rebounded and went 10-6, but missed the playoffs after losing their final 2 games of the season, on the road to the Bucs and Bills. Bryce Petty had a breakout season, despite missing four games, and rookies Nate Hill, and Elgin Armstead were spectacular before their seasons ended due to injury. 4th round Tight End Bernie Lauderdale stole the show on offense, and Dre Kirkpatrick ended the season with 9 interceptions, including 7 in his first 8 games as a member of the Niners. In year 3 the 49ers ended up with the second seed despite Bryce Petty missing 7 games. Rookie Kris Arnold was spectacular at WR, and Texas Wrangler Dallas Austin and Jamal McNeal were great as well. Eric Reid thrived in his new role at ILB, and Jawan Carey ended up replacing Navarro Bowman as the #2 MLB. Dre Kirkpatrick had a terrible season, and showed that his lone good season was indeed a fluke. Rookie JT Ogletree played great at CB2 and Darius Motes had an incredible second season as the #1 Corner. As we head into season 4, the 49ers drafted two QBs: Out of Villanova: Mack Kenny, and out of Nevada Brady Johns. Despite being very different QBs, both will compete for the starting spot, in what appears to be the end of the injury filled Bryce Petty era in SF, despite playing great when healthy.

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