Miami Heat Locker Room Tour with Alonzo Mourning – (Cell Phone Footage)

Miami Heat Locker Room Tour with Alonzo Mourning – (Cell Phone Footage)
The Miami Heat and Hublot had an unbelievable event earlier this month to kick off the At Basel week of festivities. The Heat had several media members from all over the world (including us) take part in a variety of basketball drills on the Heat’s court and to take a tour of the Heat’s facilities in the arena, including the locker room. The camp provided everyone who attended a chance to improve their basketball skills by joining in team drills, which were led by different members the Miami Heat family including Ray Allen and Shane Battier.

The fantasy camp started with a brief press conference, in which Dwyane Wade made a quick appearance. We were then treated to a full player intro and a quick welcome by Pat Riley. Afterwards, we were all allowed to take the court and join the players for the drills portion which included lay up drills with Shane and free throw drills with Ray Allen, and a quick defensive work out with Alonzo Mourning among others.

The afternoon came to an end after Zo himself gave us a tour inside the Heat locker room where he mentioned that Pat Riley’s thought process behind the circular shape of the room was that when you go out for a game, its a war. And in a war room, you need to look into the faces of each of your fellow warriors and there’s no better way to do that than with the now circular shape of the Heat locker room. You can see a little bit of the cell phone footage from the locker room tour below (excuse the shakiness).

Otherwise, it was a great event and a rare opportunity to see the Heat organization from such an intimate perspective. A big thank you to the Miami Heat and Hublot for inviting us.

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