JDQ Sports™ Trailer: Utah Wheelin Jazz-Doin’ Hard Work

JDQ Sports™ Trailer: Utah Wheelin Jazz-Doin’ Hard Work
By Randall Wade
Los Angeles CA

Doin’ Hard Work is a behind-the-scenes peek, at player’s on-and-off the court lives from the Wheelchair NBA.

With a nod to Spike Lee’s ‘Kobe: Doin Work,’ filmmaker Randall Wade, explores a never before seen look at how the human spirit overcomes insurmountable odds and draws subtle comparisons between today’s professional athletes and the current 2011 NBA Lockout.

One team drove 1500 miles, in one weekend, to LA to participate in the Nike 3on3 basketball tournament on the streets next to the Staples Center and slept at a campground to save money on hotels.

In the life of every lockout
there comes a time
when the fans decide
which heroes will rise
and which league will fall

Only fans determine, who is …

Doin’ Hard Work

1 Lockout
1 Team
1 Weekend
1500 Miles

1 Goal: Win
1 Tournament

It’s doubtful that the NBA fan’s thirst for on-the-court news will be quenched before the end of the calendar year.

But in an unprecedented move, four Jazz players keep their skills sharp by competing at the Nike 3-on-3 basketball tournament in LA.

JDQ Sports™ presents
The Wheelin’ Jazz: Doin’ Hard Work

Created by: randall-at-justdontquit-dot-com

‘Doin Hard Work’ is a multimedia/web/TV series that will follow the social issues, news and sports stories, both on and off the court, of players on the Wheelin’ Jazz for the 2011-12 season.

1st Installment: Written article, photographs and video package(s) documenting the team’s weekend trip to Los Angeles, August 5-7, to compete at the 3rd annual Nike 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the wheelchair division.

Starring: Layne Mangum, Jeff Griffin, Tyler Lathem and Sam Blakely

Special Guest Star: Bryon Russell as Himself

And Introducing: Jill Anenberg

All Content Executive Produced, Written, Shot, Edited and Produced by randall@justdontquit.com

Music by: Grand Terreno

Sports scandals, negotiating nincompoops and soaring summer temperatures have dehydrated the sports landscape; leaving fans parched for news that’s not drowning in lockouts, labor issues or universities that are ‘willful violators.’

While some sports fans have savored the recent return of the NFL, it’s doubtful that the NBA and the Utah Jazz fan’s thirst for news of a similar return will be quenched before the end of the calendar year.

However, in an unprecedented move, four Jazz players, trying to keep their skills sharp, went to compete in the 3rd Annual Nike 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Los Angeles, August 6-7, 2011.

Jeff Griffin, Layne Mangum, Tyler Lathem and Sam Blakely are names you won’t find on last year’s roster and even the most die-hard Utah Jazz fan probably won’t recognize these guys; that is unless you’re a fan of the ‘wheelchair NBA’ and the Utah Wheelin’ Jazz.

You see, Jeff Griffin is the heart, soul and face of the Utah Wheelin’ Jazz; he’s cast from the same physical mold as Karl Malone. Layne Mangum resembles a long-time Jazz superfan, with the mouth to match. Tyler Lathem and his physique could easily be mistaken on Salt Lake City streets for that of Matt Harpring and in the Hollywood Hills for Matt Damon. Sam Blakely is the young up-and-coming southpaw superstar, transitioning from the Jrs. to the adult team. According to Griffin, Sam “has the whole package … and the body to be a star in this league.”

I followed Griffin and his other Wheelin’ Jazz cohorts for 48 hours, 20+ of which were used to drive to Los Angeles and back in a truck, with a camper in tow so they could camp out for two days of what would essentially become their ‘summer basketball training camp.’

The Wheelin’ Jazz leave on a Friday afternoon, sleep at a campground to save money, compete Saturday and Sunday morning, before making the drive back to Salt Lake City in time for work on Monday morning.

Despite this trip, all is not well with the Wheelin’ Jazz. It will take more than Griffin’s bulging biceps and chiseled chest to overcome this summer’s leadership and money issues; some of which have fractured the core management members and team moral.

Will this Los Angeles trip begin the process of building broken bridges and healing hurt feelings? Or will the camper’s tight quarters, summer heat and the strain of competition lead to more meltdowns, anguish and aggravation that further divides the team?

Griffin must use his mind over his muscle to avoid the same unraveling fate as the able-bodied NBA and Utah Jazz. Can he bring the team back together as the 2011-12 season hangs in the balance?

Friday 11 A.M. MST

The Wheelin’ Jazz are already running 90 minutes late.

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