ESPN College Basketball Promo Package

ESPN College Basketball Promo Package
ESPN wanted to create a “home court” venue for college basketball, where all of the teams come to compete under ESPN’s roof. To start, we designed a logo lock-up that incorporates the ESPN logo into the “O” of Home Court, which is featured on both the floorboards and the bottom of the jumbo-tron. This logo was then disseminated to the show packaging team to ensure consistency across the channel.

In order to promote every possible match-up in one venue, we created team banners that function as dynamic ensigns over the field of battle. Authentic lighting and details including dust in the air, fabric textures in the flags and a crowd alive with excitement all adds up to make the package a total slam-dunk. If you look really closely, you can even see our staff cheering on the sidelines!

To make the package versatile enough for versioning spots over the course of the season, we made match-ups in a modular fashion with team banners that can be swapped out to feature nightly match ups, projectors that beam highlights onto billowing screens and the jumbo-tron itself comes alive with animations featuring the night of the week and game line-ups. Multiple versions of these shots make for a highly editorial style, easy customization and help keep the ESPN brand ahead of the game.

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