Sid Bream’s slide!

Sid Bream’s slide!


Sid Bream’s slide sends the Braves to the 1992 World Series!

Well, here it is. Finally have some free time to make some videos. I know you guys been waiting for this. Otis Nixon’s catch is not so far away to be uploaded. I already worked on that. Go check it out! Enjoy! I know it’s not the greatest quality but heck. Better than nothing.

If you want the real video. I have the link below:

By the way, I also realize that my baseball videos get more views and attention than any of my other types of videos. So that means I’ll make more baseball, less video games! Which to me. Means more views, and more subscribers. Which is good. Because I’ll be focusing on one type of video most of the time which will mean most my subs will be baseball fans and I will make sure my baseball subscribers watch baseball videos instead of random videos of variety (which I had been most of my YouTube career). So please subscribe. You can request any special moments from the Braves. I will search for them and upload it. Thanks.

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