Boston Braves

Boston Braves
This clip from the first Boston Braves game of the 1935 season shows Babe Ruth collecting a single and home run in his team debut (he was involved in all of the Boston runs in the 4-2 victory). Of course, it is remarkable to see the Babe in a Braves uniform. But the clip also shows how close photographers were often allowed to stand on the field of play (sometimes in mortal danger of a potential foul ball) in order to obtain their shot. The picture below of photographers shooting Joe DiMaggio’s hit streak is almost impossible to believe. What happens if he fouls a line shot toward the first base dugout?

In the Ruth video, we see photographers in trench coats scurrying about in an attempt to photograph Ruth as he heads to first, and later, rounds the bases.

Ruth started strong but cooled off quickly in 1935, eventually announcing his retirement in June. Ruth played only 28 games that season hitting just .181, although he still managed a reasonable .359 OBP and 790 OPS.

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